Allandel was a city on one of the  island of Kiry that was really big and the territory was under the control of the Governor Lampa.This city was really near of the Red Mountain.Also,it was the same island.The island was big but it was really not populated like the other contry of kiry.The governor Lampa was like a father for every Allandelian.He was really respected by every of thems.

Fourth eraEdit

On the Fourth Era,the Red mountain errupted and it destroyed almost all the city of allandel.The population was destroyed,lost their courrage and hope and had not the corurage to re-built allandel again.After the civil war,when the stormwarriors won the battle,Joskey Kail gaves a special regiment of  builder who came and helped the Allandelians to re-built the island.The civilian are more than loyal to the emperor Joskey and to the Stormwarriors.

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