The Alessia Dynasty is the empire of Alessia. She created it at her death on the first era.

Alessia empire

 The logo of the empire is a horse, because she was also called the Horse-lady.


Alessia was the first Empress of Kiry. She was the first leader of kiry who created the monarchy and she won the battle against the Imperials.


Kelper was an Emperor of the First Era. He was crowned in 1E 461 on the 23rd of Sun's Dawn. Kelper was the head of the Alessian Army, and he was married to Alessia.


Glocia was an Emperor of Kiry at his 35 years and was emperor 6 years before getting killed. He is the son of Kelper. He also started the first Great Crisis of Kiry.


Sarus was an emperor of Kiryand. He'd been emperor only 4 years. He was the successor of emperor Glocia. He died in the First Era. He died really young and his brother was supposed to earn the throne, but before dying, he wrote a letter saying his brother killed him.

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