22nd Regiment of Infantry is the principal regiment of the SMMA.They are also paratroopers.This regiment fought on the war of Human-Traask War.It is a really great regiment.They are legendary because of their few battle.The Regiment is divided on 8 company.The Regiment was first command by the Cpt George Filtz but he was demoted and replaced by the First Lieutenant.Dominic Belancio.Then Belancio was promoted to the rank of captain and at the head of the Regiment.So they choiced the friends of Belancio,the Captain Stewart and the new-promoted captain John Lloyd.

Battle of PernoskyEdit

The first battle of the regiment was the Battle of Pernosky,They were drop on the little village of Pernosky and they started to attack the village but,the Traask already knew that they were comming so it was an ambush against the human.They managed to win the battle.The commander of this mission was the lieutenant Dominic Belancio for the 'H Compagny

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