22-BB Class(TLB)Panther

The 22-BB Class (TLB) Main Battle Tank, commonly known as the Panther , is the most common armored fighting vehicle employed by the S.M.S.A.during the shadow Moon Wars, it is used in operations requiring heavy firepower or an anti-vehicular platform. Combining firepower, resilience and mobility, the Panther has proven itself formidable and earned the respect of friend and foe alike


The Panther may not be the most powerful or the fastest of the S.M.S.A.'s fleet of main battle tanks, but for the most part, it represents the best possible balance between mobility and firepower. Indeed the vehicle's prominence among the S.M.S.A. armed forces is due to its low production cost, transportability, and overall firepower. Ceramic-Titanium armoring makes it almost invulnerable to small-arms fire and easily shrugs off normal ballistic and plasma weapons, while anti-mine software and electronics provide additional protection. The Panther has a range of 750 kilometers and utilizes a four-track design, each mounted on an independent, computer-controlled suspension system, which allow for deft maneuvering around large debris and other battlefield obstacles. The tank also features a small crew size, one operator and one machine gunner, so long as they are equipped with Neural Interfaces; if they are not then an additional gunner is required. While important material and VIPs can be crammed into the main cabin, up to four soldiers can safely be transported on the tread pods, though the use of these "jumpseats" is normally reserved for emergencies.


The Panther's main weapon, mounted on a 360° rotating turret, is the M14BB Heavy canon which fires a 90mm tungsten shell, including S1 Canister Shells. Though this weapon can have difficulty penetrating th


e armor of some heavy vehicles, it is capable of disintegrating most targets in a single shot or gutting a Wraith in two to three, depending on where the shots hit relative to the target's hull. For additional offensive power some Panther will instead mount a 105mm cannon. The M247TK Medium Machine Gun serves as the tank's secondary weapon, delivering 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds with speed and thoroughness. It can be mounted co-axially or on a separate pintle-mount depending on the model..

Known Panther TanksEdit

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