The 12-Class-cruiser Longshot is the cruiser used by the President,  Prime Ministers, Emperor or higher ranks of the Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army. This ship has the higher crew and the higher company on its. This ship is not really the kind of cruiser that will attack in the first place because of its big millitary reserves , it dont needs to show his weapons. But, we all know that its millitary weapons are really destructives and powerfull. The ship is really big and it is the most powerfull cruiser of al the SMSA Home Fleet. As a cruiser,it of course have a big weapon arsenal and a big crew that serves te royalty of the ship. The first appearition of the ship was on during the battle of Battle of Yankorn IV.The cruiser dropped all his army on the battlezone to attack the enemy.


Left sideEdit

The left side of the cruiser is a huge turrert flanc. It has  alot of turret, DCA, Military plasma-cannon and a few other 50mm canon.

Right sideEdit

The right side have  a few turrets like the left side but the special thing of this side, is that in the middle of it, there is a TXH-ARK Canon ION that can have 3 shot the day but one shot of it can destroy a planet. That is one of the reasons of the deadliest  reputation of the cruiser.

Command crewEdit

The command crew is the group that control the ship.That is mostly of the  time, a group of really higer ranked officer of the an Admiral , a commander, a Captain or something like that. In the case of the suddently death of the head officers, his second will take the control of it. The second is call a 2nd Lieutenant even if he have a rank like commander. 2nd lieutenant is a title ( in that case ).


The class of this ship is a little bit special because, it is a cruiser because of his larger but it is also an fregate because it is way larger than a cruiser but it has not the same kind of armement.


  • This ship fought in the great Battle of Yankorn IV and it was one of the first andagonist of the battle.
  • The ship recieved 402 medals that is really exceptional for a cruiser and it also had the Title of=Invincible.

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